better process.

better results.

To produce high performance spaces, you need talented people and a proven process—and MOE has both. Our process is simple but efficient. We build specialized teams around each project to handle every phase seamlessly. And once your space comes to life, our goal is to make sure you keep loving it as needs change over time.

That AHA Moment

Our simple process helps you realize your vision. Our innovative techniques get you to the finish line smiling all the way.

1. prepare


After all, it’s your space, culture and brand. You supply the business drivers. We add the observation, the expertise, and all the imagination you can handle. Asking the right questions helps us to understand your workplace strategy.

2. translate


When deadlines are short and expectations are high, you need a responsive team. One that gets it right. Right away. We also know seeing is believing. That’s why our workplace strategists and designers work together to deliver a workplace that is as smart as it is inspiring.

3. execute


From specification to installation, our specialists guide you every step of the way. No assumptions, just clear communication to ensure every detail is executed to perfection. You’ll be amazed how well we run the last mile, keeping everything on time and on budget.

4. measure


Once the dust settles, voilà! You’ve got a beautiful space. More importantly, you have a partner going forward. We understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. We are here to help as business needs change over time.